GMB Verification

GMB orders with exact match keyword-centric names will NOT be accepted.  Brand + Partial keyword names that look and sound like a legit business are currently working fine and will be accepted.

Any verified GMB that gets reverted to unclaimed status/suspended/deleted within 14 days of verification will get replaced free of charge up to 14 days or one replacement, whichever happens first. After 14 days replacement will be charged as a new submission.

TAT: 7 - 15 days

Information required to proceed

  • GMB Listing Name
  • Address Public/Hidden?
  • Street Address (Can be provided upon request)
  • City
  • State
  • Postal Code (optional if the address is hidden)
  • Phone #
  • Website URL (optional)
  • Primary Category
  • Hours of Operation
  • Service Area



$150.00 x 5